multiline handling property/casualty
residential, commercial
mobile home, RV, beach plan
casualty losses, general liability
inland marine, farm & crop
litigation, truck wreck, BI
auto accident Investigation
business loss,, appraisals, boat
all catastrophes, workers comp
private Investigations, farm equipment
on the scene investigation
cargo & shipping losses, 
aviation investigation,flood
accident reconstruction
professional liability
private investigation & canvas scene
recorded or signed statements, photos, 
diagrams, mechanical engineering firms
witness contact, police reports 
officer interviews, salvage handling,
total loss & repair handling 
Fully computerized & digital 
expert negotiation, releases, mediation
court attend & documents secure
earthquake, fire , flood  all catastrophes

 Since 1974

Property Catastrophes 
Residential & Commercial
Mobile Home
Auto & Liability 
Flood lines
General Liability
BI & Litigation
Farm & Crop 
Industrial & Construction
Trucking & Cargo Accidents 
Heavy Equipment 
Accident Investigation
Workers Compensation
Accident Reconstruction
Farm  Equipment
Marine Loss
Inland Marine 
Garage Liability
Field Investigations

multi-line network regional national - international 
associates CA, FL, NC, SC, TX, AL, LA & more

national  international catastrophes coastal mountains plains 
full multi-line claims handling  unmatched expertise 

since 1974

H.R. McGlamrock - B.A. 1974  History & Economics 
University of North Carolina  

Allstate Regional Office Charlotte NC 1974 -1984 staff field adjuster multi line auto property casualty litigation full accident investigation TL handling BI handling produce estimates written for vehicles & property settlements handing plaintiff attorneys on injuries fatalities recorded signed statements diagrams of scene, canvasing, scene inspections, lawsuits and litigation  deal with defense attorneys attend court etc. Field casualty property  handling western and central NC Charlotte Metro area multi line, write appraisals. Evaluation settlements BI PD claims with attorneys claimants in auto prop casualty claim handling in assigned region as consistent top producer.

Gay & Taylor Inc Charlotte NC & SC  1984 -1986 independent adjuster handling large trucking commercial cargo losses casualty accident investigation BI PD TL liability invest litigation on call 24/7, GL, casualty, property, writing estimates for most national carriers throughout North & South Carolina with auto, property inspections, investigations & litigation. BI, PD handling with claimants, attorneys, etc.  Liability investigations & damage inspection estimations for large carriers, national trucking, freight damages, cargo, garage liability, etc in both Carolina's expertise and consistent top producer nationally.

Metro Adjusting & Appraising LLP 1986 - present as adjuster appraiser investigator, accidents, property damage estimation national & international  catastrophes, GL, multi line, farm crop, heavy equip, flood, marketing, negotiator expert testifier, marketing, sales, inspections, management, multi line claims, emphasis on property residential, mobile home, commercial farms,  FEMA NFIP vendor certification all lines all amounts .  RE appraisal & sales  partial basis. Travel extensive national catastrophe natural & man made and dispatching experienced certified adjusters to national  or international sites on percent ratio basis. Complete multi-line adjustments. 

Allstate Insurance Policy School - Atlanta 3 wks '74 
NCDOI adjuster  license 40 hrs Raleigh state exam '74 & '76
Allstate 6 mo law training  litigation accident investigation
Allstate Tech-Cor- Chicago - property estimation - '76-  3 wks
Allstate Tech Core- Chicago - auto estimation '76 - 3 wks.
NCDOI staff adjuster licensed  '74  -'84 - 
NCDOI: Independent adjuster  licensed 84-present 
NCDOI CE Instructor  '92-pres - part time 
Florida all lines resident adjuster license since 1989
SC,CA,HA,AL,TX,NJ, NY,AZ,KS, OK, GA,LA, MS reciprocal
National Flood Insurance Program  Washington DC '93 
FEMA certified vendor since 2004 - all lines & amounts 
Continuing Ed classes since 1990 - 12 hrs annual requirement

Added professional licenses: 
NC Real Estate Broker: ' 97  80 hr course/state exam 
NC Real Estate Appraiser: ' 97 120 hr course/state exam
Design assist NC Entrance Exams NCDOI ' 96,97,99,01,02,04
CE certified instructor/school NCDOI  ' 95--pres

NC State Legislature  81st District  candidate  '96
LSAT ' 91 law school admitted UNC system - opted out 
Certified equity trader NYSE & NAQ '86-pres
Metro Entertainment & Recordz ' 76-pres 
Designer publisher  distributor original CDs & videos
Pro musician guitar singer songwriter studio engineer 65 - pres 
Sports agent college 2002- pres - part time
FAA private pilot plane license 1988 - 2008  

Catastrophes & natural or man made disasters handled:
1976 Atlanta GA
1977 Atlantic City NJ 
1978  Tampa FL
1980 Cincinnati OH
1980 Gsboro/Triad NC
1981 Chicago IL
1982 Houston TX
1987 Las Vegas NV
1987 Los Angeles fires
1989 Hugo  NC/SC 
1990 San Francisco CA quake
1992 Andrew  Miami Dade, Ft Lauderdale 
1993 Iniki  Kauai HA
1993 Outer Banks NC
1993 Midwest flooding 
1993 Las Vegas NV
1994 Los Angeles, Northridge CA quake
1995 Opal Panama City FL
1996 Raleigh Durham Triangle  NC
1996 Bertha NC, SC coast
1996 Fran NC, SC coastal
1999 Floyd NC, SC
2001 Georges  Gulfport MS
2003 Isabel Va Beach
2004 Ivan Gulf Shores  AL,  Pensacola FL
2004 Charlie, Jeanne, Francis, Ivan FL
2005 Katrina, Rita, Wilma, New Orleans , TX, FL
2008 Ike, Gustav  TX LA
2010 NC, VA  floods
2011  Irene & NC AL MO tornadoes
2012 tornadoes KY IN AL-  
2013  Sandy NY NJ RI
2014  hailstorms TX & FL
2015  Sandy clean up NJ NY, hail OH PA
2016  hailstorms FL  flood NC CA
2017  Houston TX & FL flood Harvey & Irma
2018  NC & SC Florence  flood wind
2018  FL Michael & CA fires 
2019  Northern CA fires & tornados TX, AL
2020 Sally & Laura AL TX LA  Gulf Shores Houston

includes  all property losses such as hail, ice, wind, hurricane, tornado, fire, earthquake, flood, mudslide,  etc  

Personal:  Born in Baltimore DC metro raised in MD DE & NC. Associate business locs FL & CA. Former multi accomplished athlete & sports coach Boys Girls Club, County Rec, City Rec youth football, basketball, soccer, baseball. 5 decade professional guitarist songwriter mgr agent. Married 4 decades to Work Comp Specialist DA Knox with 3 adult offspring all UNC grads secondary educators, masters degree UK, hospital administrator, coaches football wrestling tennis soccer cheer leading etc as multi sport high school college accomplished athletes all conf, state champs or runner up nationally ranked in Wrestling USA, UNC Div One athletic scholarships etc.

total pc digital  technology 

   704 786 5906   fax bus page cell

   704 723 6552  fax bus page cell
Metro Adjusting   Metro REAppraisal   Metro Real Estate  Metro Booking   Metro Sports     Metro Equities   Metro Investigations  Metro Studios

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Having perfected the McGlamrockz original real Bluez Broz brand of rock-blues over 50  yrs performing 100s of venues over the US and some international specializing in country clubs, PGA golf tourneys, NASCAR events, colleges & universities, weddings, private affairs, social organizations, corporate parties, beach clubs, ampli-theaters, conventions, convention centers, casinos, stadiums, sports events, proms, hotels, singles organizations, yacht clubs, cities,along with military, bar mitzvahs, niteclubs, etc. Played east & west big venues all over many yrs and other big golf tourneys and other big race tracks,radio, tv etc. Have made many recordings on regional national & international level with all modern Top grade technology with records played on past Dick Clarks American Bandstand and international records Billboard charts overseas with chart recognition and CDs videos including sales in Europe,Asia, Australia, S America, Caribbean Islands.  McGlamrockz TKO Recordz @ West Hollywood and Huntington Beach CA Bluez Broz Metro Entertainment @ Newport Beach CA.   
Original Bluez Brotherz.  Over 50  years Gold Collection  since 1965  - east west national & international distributors - Full US Patent copyright protected

McGlamrockz TKO Recordz West Hollywood Ca  Bluez Broz Productionz 
Metro Adjusting   Metro R 
CDs include vintage recordings  from billboards in Europe, Australia, Asia, South America in past  decades  You Win, Bajista, Gotta Change, Next2U, Futile, Beachclub,  Dancefloor Bluez Weekend & many more 
originals by McGlamrockz Bluez Broz
Vintage TKO  recordings from  past decades from Europe  Japan & Australia charts

Number and Street:
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The real original "BLUEZ BROTHERZ" 
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